Episode 4a

Mr Bling in The Cab

Mr Bling enjoying the Cab

Episode four part a. This ep of Funtch was thrown together on a blustery day in east London. We had a dictaphone, a couple of mp3s and some opinions. That’s all it took for this latest probing of Funtch’s U-Bend to come into being.

And it isn’t finished either… Part b coming soon…

Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart
Odyssey – Use It Up And Wear It Out (Pete Jordan’s Speed Garage Rinse-Out)

You can also download a copy of the episode here

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Episode 3

Episode three of Funtch sees the dastardly duo go alfresco and search for Mr Bling’s distant relatives, while discussing Morrissey, what it means to be offended, and social media newbie Pinterest.

The intermittent trains only add to the au naturelle feel of this edition rather than detract from it, even if the Funtch chaps have to shout occasionally. Music this time comes from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Lana del Rey vs The Smiths, Coldcut, and The 2 Bears.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
Coldcut – Say Kids What Time Is It?
Reborn Identity (Lana del Ray vs The Smiths) – This Charming Video Game
The 2 Bears – Heart of The Congos


You can also download a copy of the episode here

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Episode 2

In episode two we move to “The Mission” a kitchenette round the corner from the “massage parlour” for a cleaner cooler chat about technology, bad grammar, eye scanner and crowd sourced games of Asteroids and whether you should upgrade Joan Rivers. All hail the fox!

The Milk: B-Roads (Byron bootleg)
Michael Kiwanuka: Tell Me A Tale
Senor Coconut: Sweet Dreams (Cha Cha Cha)
David Kitt: What I Ask


You can also download a copy of the episode here

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Episode 1 – The Pilot

We get to grips with our massage parlour surroundings at Village Underground. A salubrious setting for our first outing and one which we hope won’t get gentrified or Shoreditch twatted.

In this edition we also talk about Spotify and privacy issues, who will occupy Occupy, being a “life snob” and what the rubber ducks in the corner are really used for.

Occasional music:

King Creosote and Jon Hopkins – First Watch and John Taylor’s Month Away
Aspects – Beattape
Emilie Sand̩ РHeaven
Plug – Feeling So Special

Episode 1 by funtch


You can also download here

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Fun with tech

Hello world. I’m Funtch and I’ve just had the mucus wiped from my newborn baby eyes. Wowsers, the world is a strange place isn’t it?

Seeing as I was conceived and born in a brothel this might colour my worldview slightly but I’ll try as best I can to be normal. Not that I want to be, will be or should be.

Hello Mr. Fox, I bet you have a story to tell. At what rate do stuffed animals decay, I wonder? What horrors did you see with your Victorian eyes? Perhaps you were a beatnik fox, squatting louche betwixt the oak trees to avoid the attention of the squares and the hippies and their own metricious ends.

My don’t I have a large vocabulary considering I’m only a few moments old?


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